Direct Traffic For A Dollar Per Letter

We?ve seen plenty of web directories before. We?ve also seen an innumerable number of paid wikis. In yet another effort to sell you some web space, the Word Directory has been launched and they?re selling English words at $1 per letter. This review will probably be one of the most straightforward ones I?ve ever done for John Chow dot Com.

Redirecting Words to Your Site

The introduction pretty much explains the entire premise of the site. You can choose nearly any English word and then have that word transformed into a link to a site of your choosing. The Word Directory doesn?t state so explicitly, but the assumption is that you?d own the word for however long the site stays live.

On the main page of the site, you?ll notice that there are certain terms that are featured and then there is also a list of recently purchased words. Each of these stands out as a small gray box and when you click on any given one, it redirects you to some website. Words are sold at a dollar a letter, so ?ipod? costs four bucks, whereas ?business? goes for eight dollars. Strangely, there?s no mention of how you?d go about getting your word ?featured? on the site.

Paid Backlinks: RSTLNE

Like other paid directories, the Word Directory is essentially a repository of paid links. The difference is that details surrounding your particular website are not listed. Instead, all you get is an obscure link buried somewhere in the website. Purchased words are surrounded by a gray box, whereas words that are still available just look like regular underlined links.