How To Keep Your Downline Active

Why is it so difficult to keep an active downline? Anyone who has recruited more than on person into their company has experienced a time when one person is recruited in, while at the same time, two or more are dropping out. So, why are people leaving faster than you can recruit them? It is easy to get caught up in recruiting more people to build our downline, that we neglect the downline that we already have. All of our energy tends to be focused on recruiting, while we should be doing more follow-up customer service.

So, why are people dropping out faster than you can recruit them? Most people drop out because they are ignored or forgotten by their up line. Follow-up customer service may seem difficult to get to sometimes, but if you want future growth and better retention rates, it is an extremely important part of running your business. This needs to be a priority. This will create an instant viral downline for you.

There are many ways to ensure that you keep your downline active for a long period of time.

You must implement a customer service policy. This is simply providing customer service and follow-up to your entire downline. You really should follow-up with every new downline within one week. This would include calling them to be sure they are happy with the product or service they purchased, or even to make sure they are getting off to a good start in building a business of their own. This shows them that you care about them and value their business. It will then give you the opportunity to get more business and to strengthen the relationship you have with them. By staying in contact wtih your downline, you can stay ahead of your downline’s needs. You should always try to think ahead, so you can anticipate their future needs as well. Your downlnie will be happy and satisfied, and can help you to exceed their expectations.

As your business grows, you must keep records on your downline. It will be impossible to keep all of your downline information and needs in your head. Creating customer files is a good way to keep this all organized. You should include notes of their current and potential needs, as well as notes from conversations you’ve had with them.

Remember to always be supportive and work closely with your downline. You will be amazed at how much more of a success rate you will have with those who you personally sponsor and you support and work closely with. Obviously, there will be those who will never do what they need to do in order to have success, and we can’t do it for them, but when you provide support, it will greatly improve the retention of your downline. Along with working closely with them, you should always show concern for your downline. You want them to see that you are not just in this for their money You have to get your mind set on this thought. If you provide good customer service, value through concern for them, and deliver quality help, your downline will be in it for the long term. You will have an instant viral downline!

Remember to make follow-up and customer service your priority! Your business and wealth depends on it!