How To Use Copywriting To Explode Your Wow Green Business

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I’m showing you today how to build your business using simple copywriting techniques. I actually learned this method from industry expert Mike Dillard.

Good copywriting will allow you to sell just about anything using the print. In that regard – it’s just like selling in person or through radio ads. You can use this technique to sell your business and build your downline on the internet – through advertisements, or even in person.

Moving along – let me show you how to use this technique to build your downline and grow you business. So here is it…

How to Build Your Wow Green Business with Effective Written Copy…

1. Highlight the problem or issue. Most people face the problem of a lack of money. Your goal is to simply find out what people’s problems are and then make spell it out for them.

2. Supply a benefit to the problem that is unique. Simply put, you’ll need to provide a unique solution to the problem.

3. Give Factual Proof. This means providing things like testimonials and other facts that prove your solution works. This will build belief in your solution.

4. Give your users a risk-free offer. Again, this one speaks for itself… allow your prospects to try your solution without risk. You might want to offer a risk free trial period. This will help take away any hesitation to using your solution.

5. Create Scarcity The two most common ways of doing this are offering a limited number of products or giving a limited time offer. So either way, you want to prospects to act now, or they lose out.

You’ll probably be amazed at the results of this unique technique. Check out Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring sales letter for a great example of how to put this technique to work.

(copy and paste the link if you have to)

But here’s a friendly warning – This IS a sales letter, so Mike Dillard is selling – so please keep this mind when reading. I’ve however included it because it’s so effective at what it does – selling through written copy.

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